23-Year-Old College Student Becomes Dad and Granddad at the Same Time. How It Happened? WOW



In just seven days, normal college student Tommy Connolly’s whole world changed. He went from studying hard and working a part-time job, to being a dad and grandfather in the same week.

While stories about haunted mansions and big cats with cardboard boxes are certainly fun and entertaining, a story like Tommy’s act of kindness will bring tears to your eyes.

A Facebook message changed Tommy’s life forever. Now he has a daughter and a grandson all while working a job and trying to graduate college.

The fateful message came from his 17-year-old cousin Angela. Since their last meeting, Angela had faced severe tragedy and dealt with bouts of addiction that resulted in dropping out of school, getting pregnant, and eventually becoming homeless.

When she reached out to Tommy in desperation, he decided to help her without thinking twice. He took the teen into his home and legally adopted her. Less than a week later, she gave birth to her son while Tommy did his homework assignments in the hospital waiting room.

Now Tommy is working full-time to support his growing family all while still earning his degree.

“It’s not her fault,” Tommy said of his cousin. “She’s just a little girl who needed help.”

While news of his actions continued to spread, Tommy remained miraculously humble about what he did.

“I know what I’ve done is a really good thing, but I feel guilty I’m getting all this attention,” he said. “If it’s one or two years of my life I have to put on hold, to make sure two lives are going to be saved, it’s nothing at all.”

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