5 Third Graders Nervously Walk On Stage And Face Away From The Crowd. When They Turn Around? AWESOME



As you know, many public schools are cutting back funding for the arts. And that includes music.

But Los Angeles elementary school teacher, Malinda Williams, took it upon herself to ensure her students didn’t grow up without music.

While she busily taught 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade at Baldwin Hills Elementary School, she somehow found time to bring music back to her school.

Since this teacher was also shocked by the “terrible” music her students listen to today, she wanted to expose them to the greats like Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, and The Supremes.

So she gave students a chance to perform this great music at “The Sounds of Motown,” a musical event the hard-working teacher put on for everyone.

The video included here shows Williams’ 3rd grade students performing the Jackson 5 hit “I Want You Back.”

If you agree with Williams that today’s music is pretty bad, allow this performance to restore some hope that the younger generation can still appreciate good songs.

Seeing those little kids in those costumes? Could they get any cuter!

Watch Jelani, Eugene, Ryan, Anthony, and Jalen pay tribute to The Jackson Five now!

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