6 PHOTOS: I Laughed When I Saw His Tiny Cabin, But When I Stepped Inside I Became Extremely Jealous



As you know, the popularity of the tiny home movement continues to grow across America and the rest of the world.

People have stamped their style on their own unique homes with both vintage upgrades of Airstream trailers to completely renovating a silo for a home.

But no matter how small these houses may seem, they are always a welcoming home. So when he showed me the inside of his 400-square-foot cabin, I was shocked by its unexpected luxuriousness.

With such limited space, you would probably expected a cramped interior stuffed with furniture. But this cabin will completely defy your expectations.

This tiny house is not like many others with its wide entry way, tall ceilings, and working fireplace.

I’m not even sure how the giant queen-sized bed was able to fit into this tiny home. But somehow it did and there is plenty of space to enjoy it.

Surprisingly, guests can stay in the loft bedroom where another queen bed awaits them. But that’s not all folks, there is yet another bed in the loft.

The kitchen is by no means tiny and includes modern appliances that are fit for royalty.

But this cabin is not tied down. Actually, it has wheels and can be moved around the country as you please. What an amazing tiny home!

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