Alec Baldwin Who Thinks He’s Entitled, Sticks His Nose Where It Doesn’t Belong; Pays The Price

Updated November 9, 2017

Alec Baldwin has always been rather vocal in how he feels about different things. In many cases, he gets a lot of backlash for what he says and the politicians that he chooses to support. You have probably heard about the Harvey Weinstein saga playing out in the media and the sexual harassment suits and allegations. Baldwin had something to say about this situation and the backlash that he received for his comments forced him to take a leave of absence from Twitter.

He posted that due to the current climate, he was going to suspend his Twitter account for a period of time that he did not specify. He further stated that he was making this decision with a degree of sadness.

He said that it was not his intention to ever blame the victim in the various cases concerning sexual assault that have become known in the media recently. He said that he feels that justice is delayed when the victims opt to go for settlements against their alleged attacker.

He further added that his heart truly goes out to those who had experienced sexual assault. He said that his foundation is going to continue to work on arts and the environment and he will continue to post on these topics.

Recently, Baldwin had a chance to make an appearance on PBS NewsHour and in true Baldwin fashion, he did not hold back his feelings. He said that via NDAs, women get silenced when they choose to go for a settlement instead of taking the alleged attacked to court first and trying them under the law. He is not entirely wrong as this has been known to happen.

However, with all of the sexual assault cases playing out in the media and women starting to come forward, many people felt that his remarks essentially minimized the horrendous experience that the victims had gone through.

He further said that people knew that Weinstein was an intense guy, especially when he was working on a film. He said that for years, the rumor about Weinstein assaulting Rose McGowan was talked about, but nothing ever was done about it.

In this specific case, McGowan received a $100,000 settlement from Weinstein and there were never any related criminal proceedings. This was the primary example that Baldwin used when supporting his argument that settlements interfered with legal justice for the victims.

Many people were not too happy with his comments and many women took to social media to say that the actor was “mansplaining” and not really listening to what the victims have been going through. Asia Argento was one of the most vocal women and she had a lot to say to him. She called Baldwin a bully and said that he will not be missed on Twitter.

With all of the sexual assault allegations playing out in the media, it is easy to see that this is a conversation that people should be having. However, it is important to portray one’s thoughts in a more diplomatic way.