AMBER Alert System Disabled, Michelle Obama’s Website Still Running


The Department of Justice suspended the AMBER Alert system, due to a lack of funding from the government shutdown. Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move!” campaign website, however, was never considered as an unnecessary element in the federal government’s contingency plan.


Federal employees who operate the online system were put on unpaid leave on Oct. 1. Over the past week, visitors to the website found the website unreadable. “Due to the lapse in federal funding, this Office of Justice Programs website is unavailable,” the error message read.


Americans became furious that the federal government deemed the AMBER Alert unnecessary, especially because the First Lady’s anti-obesity website was still operating.


The White House received a flood of angry tweets, including

“Cruz stood 21 hours for freedom. Obama won’t stand for missing children. #AmberAlert #shutdown.”


After receiving numerous complaints, one employee was taken off furlough in order to restore the AMBER Alert system.


The website became active on Oct. 7 at approximately 11 a.m.


The AMBER Alert program is a voluntary partnership between law-enforcement and broadcasters that issues urgent bulletins following cases of child abductions.


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