Black Panthers Put $10,000 Bounty on George Zimmerman’s Head

Ira Bostic /

Hashim Nzinga, the Chief of Staff of the New Black Panther Party, is featured in the video below stating that they are willing to pay $10,000 to anyone who brings George Zimmerman to justice. He wants someone to make a citizen’s arrest on Zimmerman, and hand them over to the New Black Panther Party.


When asked what they will do with George Zimmerman once they have him in custody, Nzinga says they will hand him over to the police.

Clearly, Nzinga does not understand how our legal system works. George Zimmerman has been found not guilty. The police are not looking for George Zimmerman, and anyone who “turns him in” will be disappointed to see him walk out of the police station.


However, these facts are not stopping the New Black Panther party from inciting race riots. Another member of the Party, Mikhail Muhammad, is quoted in the video stating, “White America: We have given you 400 years to get it right.” He continues, “Today as black men we must stand up. We must declare to White America: time is up for you.”



Do you think the members of the New Black Panther party are trying to start riots? Are they trying to get George Zimmerman killed?

Written by: Robert Winthrop

Robert grew up in a conservative household in a liberal state. While attending graduate school at one of the most liberal colleges in America, he gained a unique insight into the liberal agenda and all of its fallacies. Robert is now determined to expose liberalism for the cancer that it is.

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