Cancer Patient Finds Car Vandalized, Terrible Letter Taped To Window; Culprit Pays The Price

Updated November 19, 2017

Not all disabilities are visible to the naked eye. This results in an array of inaccuracies and misunderstandings about what an illness or a disability is. It is important to remember that someone does not have to be blatantly sick or injured to be considered ill or disabled. For Lexi Baskin, a student in college who also happens to be battling cancer, the misunderstanding is something that resulted in her vehicle being vandalized when she had it in an accessible space.

Baskin returned to her car and found it plastered in notes telling her that she was lazy and should be ashamed of herself for using the handicap parking space. She has a pass to park in this type of space because her treatments cause her to experience a great level of fatigue and exhaustion.

One of the papers taped to her vehicle said “shame on you” and called her lazy. It also accused her of lying about her disability. It further states that they will try to have her vehicle towed or have her fined should they see her parking in the spot again. At the end of this specific note, she was called a terrible and selfish person.

After coming out and finding her vehicle vandalized, Lexi took photos and decided to post about the upsetting incident on her Facebook page. She made it clear that not all disabilities are visible and she reminded people that you never know what is happening in a person’s life. She tells her followers and friends not to just judge people without knowing the whole story.

She further states that it takes her about two minutes to get to her vehicle from the accessible space and she might look fine in this short period of time. However, if she had to park further away, it might be difficult for her to get to her car due to the exhaustion that she experiences. She continues her Facebook post telling people to love one another and to spread love to the people that are around you. She also wished the people who vandalized her vehicle well instead of cursing them. She said that she hopes that happiness and unconditional love replace the darkness in their hearts.

Lexi does not want people to feel sorry for her. Instead, she wants to use this as a chance to create awareness of about invisible illnesses. She has a pass and is legally allowed to park in these types of spaces.

As of now, she has no idea who did this to her vehicle. However, even if she never catches the person, she has opened the eyes of people all around the world since her post went viral. She says that she got a lot of responses from people who have had similar experiences with their vehicles getting vandalized by a stranger due to parking in an accessible parking spot.

Hopefully, whoever did this will eventually be caught and realize the major mistake that they made. It would also surely be nice if more people would show kindness and understanding instead of judgment.

Do you think the person who posted this sign should have minded their own business?