Choir Comprised Of Homeless People Take Stage For Historic Performance, Bring Down The House

Updated November 30, 2017

Carnegie Hall is known for some of the most famous musical acts throughout the world. It is basically a who’s who of musical talent. Many choirs perform there, and this is what many people attend events there for. When you hear about this venue, you might think about classical music performed by wealthy musicians with fame known throughout the world. However, the venue recently changed things up and did something that they have never done for the 126 years they have been open and hosting musicians.

Recently, the venue opened its doors to a choice comprised of homeless people. They were gathered from homeless shelters and urban streets. They were dubbed the Dallas Street Choir. Never has a choir made up of homeless people performed at this venue until now. They made history and greatly impressed everyone in the audience. All of the members of the choir were singers, and none were playing instruments. Some of them did solos while most sang in unison. It was certainly a sight to see and something that those in the audience will never forget.

The homeless population throughout the nation continues to grow. For most of them, there is nothing positive during their day to give them motivation and inspiration to find something greater. This choir program is one of the first seen throughout the country. Of course, it is the first to ever perform at Carnegie Hall. It is nice to see someone helping the homeless in this way. The choir is made up of people of all ages, races and backgrounds. The diverse group mixes beautifully when they start to sing. It is something that more and more people are wanting to see since the Carnegie Hall performance was shown on the TODAY show with Hoda Kotb.

With the recognition that the choir now has since their performance has hit the media, it is hoped that they will start something new and great. All of the men and women involved are clearly talented and there is no denying this. This might become something more than just a positive experience for those who are a part of the choice. Only time will tell, but surely everyone who got to see them perform would love to witness such a musical experience again. There is likely a chance that Carnegie Hall will want to host such a talented group of singers again for people to sit and enjoy.

It would be nice if more people throughout the country would create such programs for the homeless. It gives them something positive and a chance to get off the streets. This might seem like a small act to many, but for those that have nothing, it can make the biggest difference in the world. This specific choir will continue to practice and perform. Since they now have recognition throughout the country, there is a good chance that more venues will want to book them. This will hopefully turn into something great for all of the people who are involved.