Color Of Sneakers Posted Online Sparks Fights, What Two Colors Do You See?

Updated October 17, 2017

Do you remember “the dress” from a few years ago? People saw different colors in the dress depending on their circumstances and preferences. In the end, it was a trick of the eye. Essentially it was a brainteaser that fooled the mind into seeing something that wasn’t really there. Now a new viral photo is sweeping across the internet and is challenging the human eyes and brain just like the image of the dress did. And now the image has sparked an online debate about the true color of the shoe. Is it gray and teal or is it white and pink? The internet simply cannot decide on the true color palette of the sneaker. What do you see? And join the debate yourself in the comments below!

Actress Jen Lilley was the one to start this social media trend. She posted the image of the sneaker on Twitter, launching the debate that is about to rival what happened during the dress.

Lilley caption read: “Weird!! I can see both pink and white or grey & teal depending on where I focus my eye first. So trippy. This beats the dress.”

Do you have the same effect as her? Depending on where you look at the image, do you see different colors than you did a few moments before.

After the actress shared the viral image, she sparked a social media debate on Twitter. Some people have shared their own experience with the color changing shoe and what they see when they look at it.

Many people, including Lilley, were reminded of the internet phenomenon “#TheDress” that caused a huge debate among people all over the world. And some people even got angry when others didn’t see what they saw.

Eventually the Twitter user Alisha demystified the image by saying the flash artificially darkened the pink and white shoes to make them appear teal and gray.

“The real shoe is pink and white okay?” she wrote. “The second pic was with flash and darkened, so it looks teal and gray. Depends on what lighting you’re in.”

While images like this still continue to mesmerize, Dr Pascal Wallisch, a neuroscientist, claims to know why people see different colors. And it’s all related to your temperament.

Dr. Wallisch’s study of more than 13,000 participants found that people who thought the dress was photographed in shadow thought it was probably gold and white. Those who thought it was illuminated by artificial light thought it was black and blue.

“Shadows are blue, so we mentally subtract the blue light in order to view the image, which then appears in bright colours – gold and white. ‘However, artificial light tends to be yellowish, so if we see it brightened in this fashion, we factor out this colour, leaving us with a dress that we see as black and blue,” Dr. Wallisch said according to Metro.

His research went on to be published in the Journal of Vision. He had asked the participants of the study whether or not they thought the dress was in shadow.

Four of five who thought it was in a shadow thought it was white and gold.

He then tested the perceived color of the dress against whether someone is an early bird or a night owl. Those who self-identified as being an early riser were more likely to see the dress in white and gold.

“This suggests that whatever kind of light one is typically exposed to influences how one perceives colour,” he added.