Cops Get One Look At Volleyball Coach’s Cell Phone, Throw Him In Cuffs

Updated December 12, 2017

The girls’ volleyball coach from Muncie, Indiana has been arrested for repeatedly having sex with one of his stutdents. But not only did he use the authority of his position to take advantage of one of his players, but he also recorded the heinous sex act on his phone so that he could revisit the abuse again and again at his leisure. 24-year-old Nolan Michael Brand was arrested on Monday and charged with three counts of sexual misconduct with a minor. He has been sent to the Delaware County Jail to serve out time until he waits for his court proceedings.

Muncie Community Schools learned about the sexual violation just days ago. And as soon as they knew that coach Brand was having illegal sexual relations with his young female player, they contacted the Muncie police and Child Protective Services. A female student blew the whistle on Brand’s sexual relations with his student and made the allegation of sexual misconduct toward the volleyball coach.

Officers quickly found Snapchat messages between Brand and the victim on the female student’s phone. They had the sexual predator just where they wanted him.

The next step for the cops was to confront Brand. When they interviewed him, he broke down and admitted he had sex with the minor in his home. He also said he had taken advantage of her in his car and they had had sex more than a dozen times in the last two months alone.

The girl had first trusted Brand to help her with his homework. But when he saw an opening, he seized the opportunity to make their connection “more emotionally involved.” Then he escalated things so he could take advantage of her sexually.

When Officers got a search warrant for Brand’s phone, they confiscated it and found the incriminating evidence. The teacher and coach had nude images of both Brand and his victim. Not only that, the volleyball coach had recorded himself having sex with the student. It is unclear if the teacher planned to use the video as blackmail or as a way for him to revisit the abuse again and again.

While Brand was having illegal sexual relations with the young girl, he was the assistant volleyball coach for the Central High School girls’ team. He also coached volleyball for the Munciana Volleyball Club and had access to dozens of young and vulnerable girls.

The Muncie Star Press reported that before this arrest, Brand had a clean record. He had passed his background checks and was hired to work with the children. But he leveraged his position of power and preyed on a girl who had sought him out for homework help.

Brand had resigned from working at Central High School on October 14, 2017. When he was arrested on Monday, he was no longer employed with the school.

At this time, it appears that Brand only has one victim. No one else has come forward to accuse the girls’ volleyball coach of sexual misconduct or rape.

How should this educator and coach be punished if convicted for this crime?