Dad Beat His Child’s Molestor To A Bloody Pulp, Then Things Get Even Worse For Him

Updated December 5, 2017

A father had trusted 18-year-old Raymond Frolander to look after his young boy when he had to run some errands. But when he returned, he found the teenager molesting his son. The boy’s father, Jason Browning, flew into a blind rage and began beating Frolander to a pulp. When the police arrived at the scene, they took a beaten and bloody Frolander into custody and showed no ill will toward the father who was just protecting his son. Now the child molester has been convicted and will spend 25 years behind bars.

Because Raymond Frolander was caught with his pants down, he had no hope of winning in court. Instead, he took a plea bargain when he appeared in the Daytona, Florida court. Instead of getting the mandatory life sentence for his crime of sexually assaulting a minor, he got a much lighter sentence of 25 years. He pleaded no contest to the charge of lewd or lascivious molestation of a child – which does not seem enough for many Florida residents.

Frolander’s bruised and swollen face circulated the internet after his arrest. The 11-year-old boy’s father, Jason Browning, had held nothing back after catching the child molester in the act. He simply beat the babysitter into a state of unconsciousness.

“I just walked in and found a grown man molesting [my child], and I’ve got him in a bloody puddle for you right now,” Jason Browning, the boy’s father, told police when he called in the crime.

Although Browning assaulted Frolander into a state of unconsciousness, the Daytona police didn’t even dream of charging him with anything. When they knew that Frolander was molesting the 11-year-old boy, they had no pity for the pedophile.

Frolander had used his status as a family friend to get close to Browning’s son. And because he had a thing for little boys, Frolander had been molesting the boy for a long time. Daytona Beach police chief Mike Chitwood confirmed this fact.

Reporters inevitably asked if Chitwood had a problem with Browning’s response to catching the molester in the act. Chitwood told CNN: “Not as a police chief and not as a father.”

Because Frolander’s jail sentence was reduced to 25 years, he will eventually be released from prison. When he gets out of jail, he will register as a sex offender and were a GPS monitor for some time.

Browning told WESH after the verdict.

The plea deal was also good for the 11-year-old boy who won’t have to testify in court. His grandmother said, “He just needs to learn to trust again.”

On the night Frolander was caught, the boy was playing video games with Frolander and friends. But when the others left, Frolander took the boy into the back room.

Frolander ripped the boy’s pants off and started molesting him – until the child’s father discovered them.

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