Dad Noticed Dead Grass Outside His Daughter’s Bedroom. Then He Figured Out The Reason. HORRIBLE…



Sometimes we just get that gut feeling that something is out of the ordinary. If my past experience are any judge, it’s usually a good idea to pursue them rather than ignore it.

One father in Orlando, Florida recently noticed something out of the ordinary while mowing the lawn. There was a bald spot in the grass underneath his daughter’s first-floor window, showing that clearly someone had been there. That night he set up a trap to find out exactly what was going on outside his family home, but what he found has the whole neighborhood reeling.

According to WKMG-TV, the father of two 8 and 10-year-old girls found a man standing on a cinderblock, blatantly peeping through his daughter’s window. Obviously infuriated, the father chased the man but was unable to catch and identify the creep.

“It’s very scary,” said neighbor Charlene Murray. “It’s always been a quiet neighborhood and I’ve never had any problems. I’ve lived here for 25 years.”

Now all that peace and quiet is down the drain after this disturbing discovery was made. If this guy was peeping on one young girl, who knows how many else he could have been secretly looking at?

Clearly the next step is to figure out exactly who this guy is, but considering he was already almost caught, it’s not likely that he’ll stop by again. Until then, this poor father can only watch and wait – along with the rest of us.

As a general note, make sure your children’s windows are closed at night – especially if they are located on the first floor. You never know what kind of creep might be waiting at the window.

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