Despite The Warnings Man Gets Out Of His Car During A Car Wash, Ends In Utter Embarrassment

Updated November 14, 2017

Here’s a cautionary tale about what not to do at a car wash. Thanks to this dumb guy’s action, you now know that opening your car door while the washing is in progress is a very bad idea.

Most people already know that you should stay in your vehicle at the automatic car wash, but this guy decided to see what would happen if he opened the door.

It didn’t go well. Check out the security video footage that shows the whole situation. He opens the door to get a flyer from his windshield, clearly believing that the rotating cleaners have moved out of his way. Was he ever in for a surprise when the cleaners started to make their way back and, once the door was open, the brushes and the whole mechanism pushed the door back and bent it the opposite way against his car, almost ripping it off. Needless to say, in addition to completely breaking the door, a lot of water got in the car.

While one commenter on the video noted that the wiper cost him a very expensive car door, another person remarked: “I liked his reaction like ‘why car wash, why you do this.’” One person noted: “what a jack-ass.
Probably came out and complained that it was the machine’s fault.”

Another person commented, remarking about how powerful the car wash motors are: “Frankly what surprised me most in this video is how much torque the motors in these car washes have. Not only was it able to completely destroy the door, but it was able to PUSH THE TRUCK BACKWARDS when the forward facing door jammed in the mechanism. The guy could have been crushed to a pulp!” Certainly, this incident could have ended tragically.

One commenter did take a bit of pity on the man, writing: “I actually feel really bad for this guy. I have watched this video and others like it more than once, and initially, I did think what an idiot. But, this was actually just a single, nanosecond lapse in judgment, sort of a “senior moment” kind of thing, and it’s really unfortunate there were such horrendous consequences. I say horrendous because there was a lot of damage, but maybe horrendous is too strong because no one was seriously or permanently injured. Hope he had good insurance and that his insurance company was understanding about this. I’ve had “senior moments” myself, even though I’m not technically a senior yet, and I’m grateful none of them have resulted in anything this bad. I am glad the guy does not appear to be injured, and yes, he should have either left the flyer alone or opened the window but I’m sure he thought he had enough time to do it without causing any problem. I agree as well that I’m surprised by the torque on that motor–am surprised it could move the truck.”

Another commenter added: “We’ve all done really stupid stuff. Most of us did it before security cameras.”