Disgusting Man Fathers 6 Children with His Own Daughters



Aswad Ayinde of Patterson NJ was sentenced to a total of 90 years in jail after being found guilty of the repeated rape of his daughters. The rapes lead to him having a total of 6 children with his own daughters.


There are a total of 5 trials for Ayinde and he’s been found guilty in the first 2.

Aswad Ayinde is best known for his work with the R&B group the Fugees for their video ‘Killing Me Softly’.


During his first trial, his ex-wife offered some disturbing insight into Ayinde’s mind. She said he was trying to create a “pure family bloodline” by having children with his daughters.


In the second trial, it was uncovered that he began to have intercourse with one daughter when she was 8 and got her pregnant a total of four times. The rapes occurred over a time period of 30-years.


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Throughout the trial more disturbing details were revealed. He would starve and beat the girls with wooden boards and steel-toed boots. It was also discovered that some of the children he fathered with his daughters died young and he simply buried them without ever notifying authorities. These children also never obtained birth certificates.


In total, Ayinde fathered an additional 12 children with 3 different women according to the court records.


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