Ellen Lies: The Wrinkle Cream Facebook Scam


If you’ve been on Facebook lately, you may have seen ads that claim that Ellen Degeneres has lied about a wrinkle cream. The ads appear to take you to people.com, eonline.com or ellentv.com, but if you click them you are taken to a completely different website.


These sites are operated by scammers who are trying to use Ellen’s name and picture to sell anti-aging wrinkle cream. Ellen Degeneres, People Magazine, or Entertainment Television are not involved with these ads, and one or all of them will likely sue the companies placing these ads in the near future.


Here’s the way the scam works. You click the ad and read an article explaining how two new wrinkle creams are changing people’s lives. You are then told that these wrinkle creams are offering a free trial. However, when you sign up for the free trial you are automatically enrolled in their autoship programs that bill you from $79 to $129 per month!


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The worst part is that the wrinkle creams are similar to creams you can find at your local department store for much less.


Have you been tricked into clicking on one of these ads? If so, leave your experience in the comments below!