EMTs End Up Losing Their Patient, Find Note On Ambulance That Makes Them Feel Even Worse

Updated November 26, 2017

A man in a rehabilitation center was experiencing a medical emergency and despite the best efforts of paramedics, this man passed away. However, to make matters even sadder, a resident put a moaning note on the ambulance that arrived to try and save the man’s life. The man was just 42 years old and was experiencing massive internal bleeding that eventually resulted in his death.

When the paramedics responded to the call, they discovered that a note was placed on the windscreen and it was handwritten. It said that that paramedics might be saving lives, but to not block the writer’s driveway. The ambulance parked where it could because the focus of the paramedics was the man who was dying. They were at the scene for under 30 minutes, so it is not like they were blocking the driveway for hours.

The man was living at Livingstone House for three months and this is where the paramedics responded once he started experiencing his medical emergency. John Hagans, the manager at the center, said that after the family was made aware of the note that was left on the ambulance, they felt 50 times worse. Keep in mind that this family just lost their son and now they were almost made to feel bad about the fact that he needed emergency medical attention.

Hagans said that the family was completely horrified about the note. It just compounded the raw emotions that they were feeling from just losing their son. Their son had just celebrated three months clean and sober before this incidence occurred, so the family had some hope that he was actually on the path to better health.

He had been working hard to make changes in this life. He was finally on a path where he was making the right choices.

Hagans said that he is absolutely disgusted by the note and the person who wrote it. He said that an ambulance is a sacred space and that the lifesaving efforts that happen inside the rig should never be interfered with. Hagans added that he hopes that the writer never experiences a situation where they need to have an ambulance, or their family might need one. He said that he would shut down the whole city if it meant that a person in distress was getting the right care.

Hagans said that parking can be problematic at times, but on the day in question, the rig was not blocking anything because it was parked down and alley. He wants to know what kind of person would respond like this to paramedics. When an ambulance is parked with a patient in the back, there is a strong chance that they are working hard to try and stabilize them to save their life.

This is a story that shows that not all people are kind and compassionate. Hopefully, the writer of this note realizes that their actions were cruel. The family should not have had to hear about this and experience even more negative feelings while grieving the loss of their child.