Firefighters Purposely Set House Up In A Massive Blaze After Discovering What’s Inside

Updated November 22, 2017

It’s pretty safe to say that the majority of people aren’t too fond of cockroaches. If you’ve ever lived in a warm climate, then surely you know just how disturbing these critters can be. When you step outside your house first thing in the morning, they have a tendency to crunch beneath your shoes. The crunch alone can lead your stomach to flip.Knowing how nasty cockroaches can be, could you imagine if an overwhelming amount of them infiltrated your home?

One unoccupied home in Pana, Illinois was evidently chosen by a family of German cockroaches as a breeding ground. This specific breed of cockroaches thrive in warm, moist environments and they reproduce at a rapid pace, so this house didn’t stand a chance.

Because the roaches had worked fast and took over the home in no time, firefighters made the decision to start a controlled fire to rid the property of the pesky insects. Shortly after the decision was made by the Pana City Council, firefighters worked hard to devise a plan of attack when it came to building the controlled fire. One of the barriers that stood in his way was the fact that German roaches tend to burrow, which could lead to them escaping the fire and moving along to another property. Because of this, firefighters had to build a ditch around the home, preventing the insects from escaping. The ditched was similar to a “ring of fire” on the outskirts of the home.

In the video below, you can witness just how bad the situation was back in October 2010. The camera zooms in on cockroaches that are scattered all over the floors, walls and random belongings that were left in the home. There appears to be leftover food and kitchen supplies, which could be the main reason why these roaches decided to choose the place as their breeding ground. Roaches have a tendency to go after human food, that’s why it’s best to leave your perishable items tucked away if you live in a warm and moist climate.

Because it was imminent that the fire was controlled, there were several firefighters involved in the entire process and they appeared to quite literally have everything under control.

Commenters shared their thoughts on the not-so-loved insects…

“Disgusting,” said one person, putting her feelings for roaches quite bluntly.

“Roaches can also burrow themselves in cracks and survive a nuclear attack. Surely there are some still there, just in a lower number.”

And some added their experience with roaches in the southern states…

“They would have to burn down ALL of Norfolk, Virginia. That place had nothing on most of the apartments in Norfolk.

One of the reasons that cockroaches are so disliked is because of their desire to invade human spaces and take over. Not to mention the fact that roaches are teeny tiny creatures and instead, they tend to gain size quite rapidly.

If you’ve ever lived in the south, then you are familiar with the “crunch of the cockroach,” which isn’t the most pleasant thing to experience.