Government Tax Offices Are Trying to Steal Your Home!


Ron Foster Sharif /

Innocent tax-paying Americans across the country are finding their homes foreclosed due to faulty and incompetent district Tax and Revenue offices.


Since 2007, over 1,900 homeowners became victims of faulty foreclosure by the Washington, D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue alone. This office would impose liens on the homeowners’ properties and then sell them at public auctions.


Unfortunately, most victims are elderly or poor and get caught in drawn-out, costly legal battles to reclaim their homes.


In 2007, a math teacher paid his taxes, but the office applied his $1,400 payment to the wrong home. In 2010, a bank teller nearly lost her home because the tax office sent accidently sent her bills to a barren lot in Virginia.


Most recently, Daisy Dolsey, 95, who’s in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s, lost her house worth over $300,000 because the tax office failed to account for $44.79 of the money she paid.


“It really is the stereotype of bad government—it’s appalling,” said Amy Mix, an attorney for AARP. “It’s not enough people doing their jobs and not enough people caring,” she added.


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Investigators for the Washington Post found that one in five liens are sold by mistake, in addition to a slew of other errors.


When big government rules, you could lose your home.


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