Guy Heard A Noise In His Bathroom, Runs In And Spots Monster; Hits Record

Updated November 12, 2017

In a shocking video clip, a disgusting creature emerges from a family’s toilet because it “grew too big for the pipes.” Because the monster had been in the pipes “where it had been feeding on sewage,” the Malaysian family was horrified to watch it stretch out of the pipes and into their home.

The family watches on in horror as the creature slips out of the toilet and into through their house. The family and locals believe that the monster was living in the pipes when it ran out of food and crawled into their home looking for more food to devour. The sewer monster came out of the pipe in Alor Setar in Malaysia this past week.

The family was horrified. They couldn’t believe this giant snake-like creature had been lurking inside their toilet all that time. While some people believe it is a snake, others can’t be sure that the slithering thing is even a reptile.

But the family from Alor Setar believes it has been living in the pipes. And they thought it came up for air because it was looking for food and had grown hungry. The beast was found out and about after emerging from the family’s toilet this past Friday. In the clip, you’ll see the beast poking its head out of the toilet to see what it can eat around. When it realizes it needs to go a bit further into the home, it emerges from the toilet and shows the camera just how big it is.

Viewers think the creature has a small head and a thick body. This is not like most snakes. But some people have suggested that it might have just eaten and seems to have a bigger body because of that.

25-year-old Zul Hanif Anip was home with his beloved wife Puteri when he saw the sewer monster emerge. He grabbed the camera and photographed it while he could.

He admitted that he was terrified of the creature.

It was scary. It came up through the toilet. I think the creature grew up inside the pipe works connected to the toilet hole, because I have checked and there is no entry point for it to have got inside. He was about two metres long with a very fat, thick body. I’m not sure if it was a snake or a kind of tidal creature or from the swamp. It’s head was very small and it had a short tail, which did not look like a snake. There was a child in the house at the time but this creature would not have eaten humans. I think it would have bitten them and left its teeth inside. My house is surrounded by paddy fields so it may have originated from there.

After he photographed it, Anip was able to capture it in a sack and released it back into the wild near a river.

Check out the footage now and see if you can identify what it is. Join the conversation in the comments if you think you can identify this sewer monster.