Guy Who Became Infamous For Face Tattoo He Got While In Jail, Gets Out. Lands Unlikely Job

Updated November 28, 2017

A young father made a big decision to get his face tattooed while he served out a jail sentence. And now that the image of the man’s face pre-tattoo is spreading across the internet, many are wondering why he would sully his good looks.

19-year-old Mark Cropp from New Zealand has faced an enormous struggle to get a job after he tattooed “DEVAST8” across his jaw while he was drunk in jail.

But after getting out of jail, he turned to Facebook and left a plea to anyone willing to hire him for employment. And because Cropp exposed his vulnerability and needed for a job so he could support his little one, he got a surprising flood of job offers. He had so many to sort through. He quit counting the generosity of strangers when they reached a total of 45. And he has had much more come in since then

Cropp was sent to jail after he was caught following a string of violent behavior. And his brother decided to design the tattoo for him to help him feel tough while he served out his punishment behind bars. Although the tattoo was designed to be small, Cropp got carried away one night after they were drinking homemade moonshine crafted from some fermented apples, sugar, and bread.

Now he can never take back what he did that night.

“I went into jail with four tattoos and I came out with a full body suit,” Cropp told the Daily Mail.

His family was shocked to see the visible change in the young father’s look.

“A week before I got out I taped a picture of my face to the inside of an envelope, so my partner could see it. She was devastated, but now she likes it and can’t see me without it.”

Cropp got the tattoo because it was tied to his nickname.

“There was a long time there when I would devastate everything I touched,” he bragged. “I would end up devastating everyone I met or got close to.”

Although he was destroying everything he touched in his life, when he finally got sent to jail he began to think about the path he was following.

“They would be disappointed with something I had done or said. I was always hearing, ‘That’s devastating.’”

So the young father decided to get the word tattooed across his jaw like a full beard.

Because the man’s face tattoo is extremely jarring, an image of the young father before the ink has started circulating online. And people are shocked to see his baby-faced looks.

Although dozens of people have offered him a job, the ex-con admits he hasn’t “done a day’s work” in a long time.

“I am just waiting for the right one to come about,” he said. He admits that he doesn’t have a car and can’t take up a lot of the job offers because of that. But others suspect that he doesn’t really want to work hard, and the face tattoo is just an excuse to keep him unemployed.

“Until I get my first paycheck and get a car, I won’t be able to get myself around.”

Eventually, he will pay thousands to have the tattoo removed.