Hawaiian Neighbors Tell Michelle Obama to GO HOME



Michelle Obama’s twice-extended vacation in Hawaii is beginning to anger area residents who feel her presence is a burden.


The first lady recently decided to stay in Hawaii this week to celebrate her 50th birthday with Oprah Winfrey at the media mogul’s 12-bedroom mansion on Maui.


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But Oprah’s neighbors aren’t excited about Michelle’s visit. The burdensome security checkpoints along neighboring roads are keeping customers away from local small business and many business owners are complaining they can’t even stock their shelves because supply trucks are barred from traveling on roads near Oprah’s mansion.


The owners of two local businesses, Goble’s Flower Farm and Grandma’s Maui Coffee, told reporters that sales are significantly lower this week and employees can’t even get to the establishments because of the road blocks.


Local residents complained they weren’t even notified in advance about the road closures.


Needless to say, neighbors are telling Michelle Obama to leave Hawaii and GO HOME.


Has Michelle overstayed her welcome? Tell us!

Written by: Robert Winthrop

Robert grew up in a conservative household in a liberal state. While attending graduate school at one of the most liberal colleges in America, he gained a unique insight into the liberal agenda and all of its fallacies. Robert is now determined to expose liberalism for the cancer that it is.

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