Here’s Video Footage Of What Experts Are Calling The Largest Shark On Earth

Updated November 8, 2017

Just when you thought it was safe to watch summer movies again, here comes yet another shark film. Unlike “Jaws,” “Deep Blue Sea,” and “Sharknado” however, this clip is totally for real. Shot off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico in 2013, diver and filmmaker Michael Maier managed to capture one of the largest great white sharks ever photographed. You are going to be astounded when you watch this remarkable video.

This video captures a twenty foot long female great white as she investigates the diving cages. `The animal behaves very calmly, in contrast to the vicious attacks we are so often shown. She gently circles the diving cages and even allows one of the divers to touch her fin at one point.

It is believed that this particular great white is approximately fifty years old and might be pregnant. She has been named “Deep Blue” by the many divers that come to this area to explore.

This video has been watched more than five million times and has people on YouTube sharing such shark knowledge and comments as:

“giving the biggest shark in the world a high five…….wow respect”- Gmonkey

“Shes so beautiful in my opinion the most beautiful shark ive ever seen.”- Okay Okay

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”- coc0s

“this dude high fived a shark…goals. sharks are so frikken cute to me”- Piinkstar

“What a BEAUTIFUL creature! If you look at shark behaviors enough you can tell she is an extremely non aggressive shark, but is still dangerous. She was basically just looking around and curious. She did go for an exploratory bite, but that’s just how they learn. Unfortunately for us that’s very fatal. She was as calm as she can be. I wonder how old she is with all those markings”- Willis Allen Jr

“Most beautiful fish ever. She should be tagged and guarded. A treasure.”- Steve Brennick

“Might be the biggest caught live on film, but there were great whites caught during the heyday of commercial fishing that were in excess of 23 feet.”- Goy Isha

“In other clips she gives birth at the end to two. You can literally see them moving on her sides. Those who dismiss this diver.he knew what was about to happen and leave the cage. I would never. He is a bad ass. World’s largest great white on film and giving birth and he high fives her. Sir you are a bad ass. incredible footage.”- Robert Rodriguez

“this kinda shark would be avoided by orca!! Orca aren’t stupid they would have hunt the juvenile shark, the shark here is estimated 22 feet while average orca is 4-5 metre in length but some could grow to7-9 metre!! If they dare tackle this shark even in a pod they would get serious wounds and battle scars.”- Anon.

“Deep Blue is so gorgeous; I would love to have been able to dive with her!”- Lauren Hayes

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