High School Student Presents Catastrophic Problems within Common Core



Common Core, the federal education standards imposed by the Obama administration, have been criticized for their failure to challenge America’s students, while indoctrinating them with leftists ideas of history, government and economics.


While much of the criticism has come from politicians and education experts, it’s interesting to hear a student’s perspective.


Sixteen-year-old Patrick Richards of Arkansas presented a project he completed on Common Core. The astute research unfortunately demonstrates the educational failures within the program.


In his presentation, Richards included an interview with Jason Zimba, the primary author of the Math standards within Common Core. Zimba admitted Common Core uses the term “college ready,” which means ready for a trade school or junior college. He also admitted that a student proficient at these standards would not be accepted into the university where he teaches.


Richards also included a soundbite of New York’s superintendent of schools, explaining to parents that all educational and statistical information associated with their student and Common Core will be turned over to the federal government.


Richards’ presentation illustrates how dangerous Common Core will be for the American student and the education system as a whole.



Watch his presentation  and share your opinions.