Hollywood is Working for Hillary



A string of film debuts are planned in support of Hillary Clinton’s run for president in 2016. Among the titles are “Hillary” and “Rodham.”


We all know liberals reign in Hollywood. But now they’re exclusively fighting for Hillary.


Get ready to see a lot of the pantsuit wearing Democratic—she’s coming to a theater near you!

It’s widely believed that Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination for president in 2016, so Hollywood is producing several films in support of the left-wing politician.


NBC created a miniseries called “Hillary,” and CNN has produced a documentary based on Clinton’s life.


A movie called “Rodham,” chronicling Clinton’s early years as a Washington lawyer, will also be released. This film was originally planned for release around the 2012 elections.


Additionally, HBO is working on a documentary about former Pres. Bill Clinton. The esteemed Martin Scorcese will direct the film, which follows Bill Clinton’s presidency and life after the White House.


Experts, however, say the films are all about profits.


Chris Lehane, a political consultant and former White House staffer, said Hollywood is “leveraging what is one of the great brands of our times to drive ratings.”


Robert Thompson, a Syracuse University professor of television was surprised that Hollywood is just now beginning to bank off political productions. “The Clinton story is filled with comedy, farce, burlesque, history…it’s a rollicking story,” he said.


Young II Kim, who wrote “Rodham,” knows his film will draw viewers. “She was able to reinvent her life and career as a politician, a wife, a mother and a philanthropist,” Kim said.


But right-wing critics aren’t as fascinated with Clinton.


Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh announced the films are “to get her elected.”


Ben Shapiro, a conservative columnist for TownHall, said, “Hollywood is going psycho for the former secretary of state, pumping out a veritable cornucopia of Hillary propaganda in preparation for her anointment in 2016.”


Is this all left-wing propaganda? Will it work?