I Thought it Was Strange When He Wrapped His Beer Can In Raw Meat, But When I Tasted it…Wow!



There is little better than hanging out around the BBQ with your friends enjoying an ice cold beer while cooking some burgers. Well maybe there is one thing better. How about creating a beer can bacon burger? Yes, I know, sounds great. Let’s see how to do it.

This cooking video is courtesy of the boys from BBQ Pit Boys and they’re going to show us a great time making this classic American meal.

Take some 80-85% lean ground chuck beef and round it out into hefty balls. After you’ve got your ground beef balls rolled, take out your beer can and press them down hard into the ground beef. Once it’s pressed in, form the meat around the can. Use a cold beer can and cold burger meat for an easier time.

The next step is to grab your pork belly bacon and wrap it around the beer can mold. Once it’s bacon wrapped, carefully remove the can while maintaining the shape of the mold.

If this wasn’t creative enough for you, get ready. Grill up your stuffings – onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, meat chili, bacon, and roast beef. Or anything you want. Just take some scoops and stuff them into the burgers. Then chop up your cheese and throw some chunks into the burger bowls.

Once the burgers have been stuffed, throw them on a medium-heat indirect grill. After a few minutes of grilling, smell the delicious burgers and crack open a beer. This takes about an hour to cook. Pull it off the grill and enjoy!

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