I Was About To Dial 911 When She Fell Into This Hole. Then She Sent Me Pictures From The Inside. WOW



If you’ve been following the tiny home movement like we have at American Overlook, you quickly realize that people are living in all sorts of unique ways around the world.

Some people tear apart yellow school buses to live simply while other people take an old silo and transform it into modern living.

But in this South Australian town, people are living in a way that I certainly never have heard of before. And we know you’ll be as shocked as us.

The town of Coober Pedy is home to nearly 2,000 individuals. But when you gaze out at the landscape, you won’t see any apartment buildings or single-family houses.

Why? Because everyone lives beneath the ground…

Because of the high temperatures and the barren desert landscape, people have resorted to underground homes to escape the heat and overbearing South Australian sun of the deadly Outback.

Almost all of Coober Pedy exists beneath the ground. Miles of man-made tunnels stretch beneath the earth where you’ll find fairly normal homes for each family.

There are even hotel rooms available for visiting tourists.

While these homes are certainly unique in that they are built under the earth, they still have all the amenities you’d expect in a modern home today.

The history of Coober Pedy resides in the soil itself. Back in 1915 a father and son came searching for gold. But instead they found opal, a stone which was wildly popular abroad and still is today.

Because of the temperatures, miners decided to live underground.

Now more than 1,500 homes or “dugouts” house people across Coober Pedy.

Could you ever live in an underground home? Tell us in the comments.

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