ISIS Leaders Are Terribly Embarrassed Their Own Footage Is Leaked. Let’s Make It Go Viral

Updated December 14, 2017

Violent footage from Syria depicts the final, panicked moments of a group of ISIS fighters’ lives. As they realize that their battle is lost, they jump into a makeshift tank and try to flee across the desert. As one of the fighter’s GoPro camera records the action, we see them panic and scream in fear. These soldiers watched their fellow terrorists get gunned down. Soldiers from Hezbollah and the Syrian Army have teamed up to combat ISIS, and they’re winning. These fighters tried to escape but didn’t get far before superior missiles found them.

You can see the moment the group of ISIS terrorists in the tank are flanked on both sides. They know they have lost the battle. They scream. And then an anti-tank missile scores a direct hit and sends them all to the afterlife.

The video clip is chaotic and filled with action. Although ISIS claims to be an organization filled with brave warriors, these screaming men do not do the name of the group any justice. They clearly do not want to die for the cause.

As you watch the clip, you’ll see tanks coming in on all sides. This terrifies the men who are not prepared to make their maker. They’re probably feeling a lot of regret at this moment because they joined ISIS when they could have joined a better cause.

At the end of the 3 and a half minute video, a direct hit obliterates the men. You can hear the splatter of war, and their high-pitched screams as the Syrian Army defeats them.

Before these men meet their end, a person on a two-way radio keeps shouting directions at them. Although they’re surrounded by the Syrian Army and others trying to defeat them, the person continues barking contradicting orders.

“Right… Left… Left… Right,” the confused ISIS fighter screams as the tanks get closer into range.

The men eventually know they are defeated. They call for reinforcements. The men’s voices crack in stress, and they desperately sacrifice every value they supposed had as an ISIS member to overcome death. But death has been coming for them ever since they joined the terrorist cause.

Near the end of the footage, a man with a dusty bear stands up with his AK-47. He wants to appear intimidating but their opponents are better trained and better armed.

The footage was allegedly recorded in September. You see footage from one of the jihadist’s GoPro camera. ISIS use these types of cameras extensively to recruit at-risk youth into their organization. Much like a video game, they yearn to entice young men to experience the “thrill” of combat. This video only proved how terrified the ISIS fighters were at the end.

This battle was part of the massive Syrian Army campaign to retake land stolen by ISIS.

Back in 2014 the Islamic State declared a caliphate and claimed power over millions of people. Their power extended from northern Syria all the way into Iraq near Baghdad. But now they’re losing big time.