Jihadist Leader Warns America: “Islam Is Coming”



An Islamist leader of al-Qaeda in the Gaza Strip is warning the United States—“Islam is coming and there is no other choice.”


Abu Saquer, leader of Jihadiya Salafiya, spoke yesterday to Aaron Klein on New York’s WABC Radio. The leader warned that thousands of jihadists will “turn their ire” on “enemies of Islam”–mainly Israel and the U.S.

“We will raise the Islamic flag on every point on Earth where Muslims live and we will chase all the enemies of Islam wherever they are. Even in the West, in Europe, and in the United States,” Abu Saquer declared.


Government officials estimate a minimum of 6,000 al-Qaeda affiliated jihadist rebels living in Syria pose a serious national security risk to Western nations.


Syria’s civil war has allowed the country to become a breeding ground for violent Muslim extremists. Matthew Olsen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center called Syria the “predominant jihadist battlefield in the world.”


“There are individuals traveling to Syria, becoming further radicalized, becoming trained and then returning as part of really a global jihadist movement to Western Europe and potentially, to the United States,” Olsen said.


How do you feel about Islamists’ threats against the U.S.?