Judge Orders Investigation Into Obama’s Fake Social Security Number




A Maryland judge has finally called for our president to answer questions about his birth.


In addition to a falsified birth certificate, Barack Obama uses another American’s Social Security number. The number identifies with a man named Harrison Bounel of Connecticut, but the Social Security Administration has repeatedly affirmed that it lost all documents relating to the number in question.


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But now a judge is demanding the federal government respond to the fraud. Judge Hollander has subpoenaed all documents from the Social Security Administration that relate to Bounel’s, or Obama’s, Social Security number. If the federal government refuses to turn over the “missing documents,” individual employees will be held responsible.


Could this finally be the evidence that brings down Obama? Tell us!

Written by: Robert Winthrop

Robert grew up in a conservative household in a liberal state. While attending graduate school at one of the most liberal colleges in America, he gained a unique insight into the liberal agenda and all of its fallacies. Robert is now determined to expose liberalism for the cancer that it is.

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