Lisa Marie Presley Makes Rare Public Appearance With All Three Daughters (video)

Updated November 13, 2017

Lisa Marie was born to Priscilla and Elvis Presley, two incredibly famous people. This would make it seem like she might love the spotlight as much as her parents did. However, she is mostly a rather private person and it is rare to ever see her bring her three daughters into the spotlight. Many people remarked that they did not even know what the kids looked like since she has done such a good job keeping the media away from her kids so that they could live as normal a life as possible.

Presley has one daughter who is 28 named Riley Keough. She also has twin girls that are nine and named Finley Aaron Love Lockwood and Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood. All three of the girls showed up on the red carpet with their mom at a recent event. When you see the four ladies together, it is easy to see that they are siblings and that Lisa Marie is their mom. The resemblance is very clear. The event that they attended was the Elle Women event. This took place in October in Hollywood.

At the event, Presley stunned in a black dress with a neckline that came off her shoulder. She kept it simple and elegant by pairing it up with black high heels.

The singer-songwriter wore light makeup and her hair loose, giving her a very sophisticated look. Her daughters were just as stunning. Harper picked a pink cocktail dress while Finley wore a dress closer to her mom since it was in black and white. Riley chose something a bit different, but just as elegant as the rest. She had a floral shirt and a taupe top with long sleeves. It had a very sophisticated and professional look. All of the girls kept their makeup and hair simply.

As soon as fans saw the photo, they were immediately excited to see that that mom and her kids were spending time together and attending an important event. There were many comments about how strong the genes in the family are. This is certainly true. All of the women look alike, especially in the eyes. The only way to tell Riley apart from her mom is to look at her height since she is considerably taller than Lisa Marie.

The family never really spent a lot of time in the spotlight, but they became even more scarce after Lisa Marie divorced from Michael Lockwood, her fourth husband. The divorce was painful for her and she seemed to retreat inward and put her focus on her kids during that difficult time.

Now, while fans were excited to see her with her girls, many were wondering where her son Benjamin was. Presley remained good friends with his father, who is also the father of Riley, even though they are divorced. She says that their relationship is a special thing. She did not elaborate on where her son was. It is just nice to see her out with her kids and looking well and happy. Fans certainly seemed to agree with this.