Man Pulls The Pin On A Grenade, Thought It Wouldn’t Go Off Because He Didn’t Throw It

Updated November 30, 2017

A Russian man who decided to pull the pin on a hand grenade and pose for a picture, unfortunately, found out the hard way what a poor decision that was.

Alexander ‘Sasha’ Chechik died instantly as a result of the hand grenade selfie, with The Daily Mail reporting that police found that the man had texted images of himself posing with it before pulling the pin. The police shared a photo showing the result of the grenade’s damage, which was a horrifying image and a definite cautionary tale about what not to do.

Prior to the man’s death, a friend had texted him: “Where are you? Are you OK?,” with Sasha responding, “Depends on what OK is in your understanding?” and sending a photo of himself with the grenade and the pin pulled. The friend responded: “Listen, don’t do stupid things. Where are you?”

According to police, they believe the man wasn’t expecting the grenade to explode because he didn’t throw it. Further, police believe the death was accidental and not a suicide.

Those weighing in with comments on The Daily Mail’s coverage of the story disputed whether or not a grenade could go off in this manner, with one person noting: “A grenade will not go off if you pull the pin out, it’s only when the lever is released it is armed and even then it will not go off, giving the person throwing it time to do so.”

Another commenter responded: “Russian grenades do not have a spoon, pull the pin activates the fuse, sling it or die is the next move.”

Still another person noted: “Depends on the type of grenade. NATO grenades have a ‘double’ switch meaning both the pin and handle have to be released, the type here was a single fuse activated when the pin is removed.”

One person commented on the seriousness of the situation, writing: “Hard to feel sorry for him… it’s the same as putting a loaded gun against your temple purely for entertainment. You are playing with fire.”

Another commenter wondered why anyone would even play such a potentially deadly game, writing: “Why mess around with a real grenade and how could he even get one? Why not Photoshop a picture of a grenade instead if this was to pull a mean prank on his friends?”

One person believed this man’s death might just win the Darwin Award, explaining: “I’m not sure if this guy or the hunter who got killed on the first day of hunting season would be the Darwin Award winner for the Month of November. Stupid is as stupid does.” Another commenter echoed the idea, writing: “Ok… We found our daily… No weekly… Hell… Dumbass for 2017 right there. ‘Gee, I’m gonna pull a pin out of a grenade that hasn’t been bored out to have the fuse removed. What could happen?'”

One person offered their own personal experience, explaining: “I remember my first day on the grenade range at Knox, the drill said: ‘If you f*ck up with a grenade you will be like frogs in a blender.’ That stuck with me for the last 21 years.”