Massive Claw Found By Fisherman Goes Viral, Has People Afraid To Go Swimming (3 photos)

Updated November 28, 2017

A fisherman is doing double duty in church after he found a huge surprise out at sea recently. The man from North Wales caught what appears to be a giant lobster claw that is larger than a human hand. This thing would fetch a pretty penny at the market, but people are terrified of what it means. The fisherman named Shaun Krijnen found the gigantic monster lobster claw which measures 8-inches long while he was out hauling in his oyster bags from the waters of the Welsh island named Anglesey. And Krijnen could not believe his eyes when he saw the monster he had hauled in from the deep blue.

The Sun reports that this lobster claw would be powerful enough to crush a tin can or break a human person’s wrist even if they resisted.

Experts are confident that the claw comes from a “monster” lobster. It must be over 50 years old and weigh about 17 pounds. Experts also believe that the lobster must be over three feet long. It would be a terrifying sight to behold.

Krijnen didn’t just find its gigantic claw, he also found its carapace, which was considerable. This thing is the shell that covers the creature’s body. It measured more than 7 inches. It is normal for lobster to shed these shells because they “molt” as they grow.

Because this oyster man caught the strange lobster claw, people are beginning to wonder if a “monster” lobster is lurking in the waters beyond Wales. Could it be waiting for an opportunity to surface? People believe it is currently in the Menai Strait, which is a narrow slip of water that separates the island of Anglesey from mainland Wales.

Krijnen spoke to The Sun. And during the interview, the experienced fisherman admitted that people are now terrified to put their hands into the water knowing that this lobster is waiting to snap at them.

“I started Menai Oysters 23 years ago and I’ve found big lobster claws before but never anything like this. I’ve showed it to the lads who work with me and they said they don’t want to put their hands under the bags anymore knowing that might be there.”

The experienced fisherman is very impressed with his unique find.

“It’ll definitely be king of the roost in the Menai Strait; any other lobster would just get eaten.”

Although this is breaking news, it is not the first time a monster lobster was found in the area. Last year, a lobster that topped the scales at almost 17 pounds was caught near Southern England. The Telegraph reported that this lobster was the heaviest found in U.K. waters since 1931 when a lobster was found weighing 20 pounds near Cornwall.

Lobsters make for popular social media stories. A blue lobster, which is exceedingly rare, was found last year off the coast of Massachusetts. And in August, a Maine lobsterman found a “ghost” lobster. Pictures of that went viral shortly after posted online.

What do you think about this extra-large “monster” lobster claw?