Minnesota Gardener Grows The World’s Largest, Shatters Previous Record

Updated October 16, 2017

When a Minnesota gardener realized that the carrot in his garden would not stop growing, he knew he had a chance to break the world record. Now Christopher Qualley, the gardener from Minnesota, has earned his place among the Guinness World Record Book because he grew a carrot in his farm in Otsego that weighed 22.44 pounds. And you can see him holding the massive root vegetable in the photo below.

While some have wondered if Qualley accidentally grew the world’s biggest carrot, he admitted that it was no accident. He was on a mission to make it into the record book with the world’s largest carrot. It was his intention to make it the world’s biggest.

But what was his secret to growing this massive root veggie? He said it was: “soil, seed, weather and a little luck.”

With that combination, it seems like anyone could make this massive carrot. But Qualley was just being modest.

“I am relatively new to this hobby and my strategy was to imitate what all of the experienced growers across the world were doing,” he said.

Because he wanted to be the man who grew the world’s largest carrot, Qualley did his research. And he looked at what everyone else was doing to get massive carrots in their farms.

“The number one thing that every single top grower says is that your soil is the most important thing, so that is what I focused on.”

He explained that the soil, which holds all the nutrients that the carrot needs to become massive, was indeed the most important part. Without good soil, he wouldn’t have been able to make it into the record books.

“Without the proper soil your giants will never reach their potential,” he said.

The previous record-holding carrot weighed 20.1 pounds. He defeated that by about 2 pounds, which is a lot for such a contest.

Now that he has had so much success with large carrots, Qualley wants to grow the world’s largest pumpkin or tomato. And he has confidence that he can do it now that he knows the secret behind large carrots.

“I feel I have what it takes right now to potentially grow a world record tomato,” he said. “This year I weight a 7.07 pound tomato which is about 1.5 pounds less than the world record. There have only been about 10 to 15 tomatoes over 7 pounds grown in the world, so I know I am in the ball park for that record.”

Although many people were eager to taste the world’s largest carrot, Qualley decided to replant it instead of roasting it for dinner or turning it into fodder for a carrot cake. But while it was out of the ground, his mother-in-law snagged a bite of the world record carrot.

“Her claim to fame is that she is the only person in the world to actually eat a piece of the world record carrot,” Qualley admitted.

It was worth it to him because he scored some valuable points with the in-laws with that one.