Mom Nearly Dies After Kitchen Appliance Found In Millions Of Homes Explodes Like A Bomb

Updated November 26, 2017

Tragedy has struck again for Rosa Rivera, the mother of the late Latin singer Jenni Rivera. On Tuesday, she officially filed her lawsuit against NutriBullet after the device “exploded” on her while she was using it. Her case is not the only targeting NutriBullet for faulty manufacturing. Other plaintiffs have opened lawsuits because of “exploding” devices that have resulted in severe and, in some cases, life-changing injuries. Rivera is not the only person whose life was turned upside down by a NutriBullet accident.

“I went to the emergency room because it was just so much pain, it was burning so much,” Rivera said.

Rivera was making homemade salsa. She combined the room temperature ingredients and set them in the NutriBullet for a “reasonable amount of time.”

When she turned it off and opened the canister, it exploded and burned her body.

“I tried to open it, and it exploded,” Rivera said. “My head, everything was burning. The cup just went and landed somewhere else.”

NutriBullet is fighting back against these lawsuits.

A corporate attorney for NutriBullet, Mark Suzomoto, told FOX 11 that these people misused their NutriBullets.

But the lawyer admitted that friction could cause ingredients to heat up. He did say it was “physically impossible” to heat the ingredients in 15 to 20 seconds.

The user manual warns people from using the NutriBullet for more than a minute because ingredients can heat up. And these manuals have added more information about “misusing” the device.

NutriBullet provided the following statement to FOX 11.

“Customer safety and satisfaction are paramount at NutriBullet. Reports of blenders, which have normally operated for years, suddenly turning room-temperature ingredients into scalding hot mixtures after less than 20 seconds of normal operation or components unthreading during use, are perplexing and contrary to the hundreds of millions of uses by satisfied NutriBullet customers worldwide. We will investigate the claims thoroughly and analyze the blenders in question to determine exactly what happened. Whatever the circumstances surrounding these accidents, we wish prompt and complete recoveries to those involved.”

NutriBullet stands by its products. Millions use them without any problem. And the company is not confident these people are telling the truth.

Brendan Cosso also had a run in with a fault NutriBullet.

“This thing just chopped by hand to pieces pretty much,” said Arcadia resident Brendan Cosso. “I was making it, went to grab it, the container exploded off, and my hand went right into the blades.”

But lawyer Danny Abir, who represents Rivera and Cosso, claims NutriBullet is irresponsible.

“They’ve been claiming that it’s user error, and every single instance that we’ve seen are people who have been using it for many months and years, and they know how to use it, so it’s not something like user error like the company says.”

The lawsuit is still in the works and is expected to heat up soon.

Do you think people should sue NutriBullet because the devices “exploded” after being used? Or is this something that customers just need to be careful of when using a high-powered machine?