Mom Places Baby Down By Horse To Help Babysit, Animal’s Instincts Has The Internet Reeling

Updated November 6, 2017

While this may initially seem like a scary idea, watch what happens when a mom sets her baby’s carrier on the barn floor near a horse.

The video, which quickly went viral, shows Tracy Lega’s baby getting some special attention from her horse, Donato.

When the baby begins to fuss a bit, Donato seems to know just what to do, leaning over his stall to help out the best he knows how, by giving the baby carrier a little nudge.

The horse seems pleased by his actions and the baby delights in the rocking motion. With that kind of positive reinforcement, Donato is happy to help the baby by rocking the child again and again. This kind of exposure for a young child will no doubt give this little one a lifelong love of horses, while Donato has shown that he’s intelligent and nurturing to someone outside his species.

The give and take are so sweet here as the baby fusses, the horse rocks the child, and then continues to provide his babysitting services as the baby needs it.

The YouTube video gives a look at the baby and horse relationship one year later as well and it’s so sweet to see. The baby, no longer sitting in a carrier, is up and walking, talking to the horse, and reaching out to touch him. The horse is ever curious and follows the child from his stall as the little one walks along – horse bending down to meet the little one’s hand or head for a nuzzle. What a wonderful connection.

People were won over by the horse’s kindness and attentiveness, with one person commenting on the original Facebook video: “Too cute… a horse is capable of tenderness, I know I have two. Too bad for some people that the opposite does not exist.”

Another commenter noted: “Oh my goodness! How beautiful is this! Not sure what makes me smile more, the baby or the horse! Thank you for sharing a lil bit of sunshine! Luv you my friend!”

One person commented on the kind nature of horses with children, noting: “Very nice video and horses are very soft with children for proof autistic kids autistic worked with horses and it’s magical and beautiful.”

Another commenter shared their own personal experience with horses as a child, writing: “My parents had a farm and summer when they came back from the fields they often found me asleep in the middle of the horses, none of them stepped on me, and this had to create a link because they have a tendency to come for a caress. I still have the dismay of the military who at National Golf, a few years ago, could not control his horse who had decided to come and greet me.”

In another similar video of a baby being rocked in a carrier by a horse’s gentle nudging, commenters debated about the safety of this situation, with one person noting: “Horses are not machines, their actions can be quick and fast. The baby could have screamed and scared the horse because horses have feelings too, they spook, they buck, they bite. They’re not the most trustworthy creatures on the entire planet.”