Mom Rolls Over To Check Baby Monitor Before Bed, Blood Immediately Drains From Her Face

Updated November 28, 2017

It was time for Laura and Dean to set up the baby monitor finally. Because their 18-month-old son Sebastian had tried to climb out of his crib, they now needed to see what he was up to from the other room. They didn’t want him climbing up the side of the crib and then falling out onto the floor when they could have prevented it.

One evening, Laura needed to check the footage. As she was reviewing it, she nearly dropped her drink. Mom had to rewind it because there was something wrong. She squinted and peered very closely at the baby monitor footage. And when she looked again, she saw the strange shape near Sebastian. It looked like another infant. But this small, child-like figure was not of this world. It was a ghost.

Laura screamed. She ran into the room hoping beyond hope that it was just a teddy bear. But when the parents got to Sebastian’s room, they were horrified to find Sebastian sleeping alone. The child-like figure in the baby monitor footage was not their son’s teddy bear. It was nothing.

Laura shivered from a sudden cold spell she felt in the room. Was there a spirit residing in Sebastian’s bedroom? And if so, was it evil or good?

Although Sebastian was alone, the shape remained on the monitor screen. And the parents watched as it started to change positions and get “comfortable” in the crib and “snuggle” up next to Sebastian. Laura felt her heart beating. She was horrified.

Needing emotional support that her husband couldn’t give, Laura called her sister on Skype. But when she showed her the baby monitor screen, her sister could not see anything in Sebastian’s crib. The baby was alone.

The ghost child remained next to Sebastian until 1:30 am when it disappeared as Laura went into the room to feed a hungry Sebastian.

Did Sebastian scare it away when he woke up to eat? Was it just there when he slept to keep him company? Or did it have sinister intentions?

Laura and Dean never once doubted that this was a paranormal experience. Why? Because they have had close encounters with other-worldly spirits and ghosts before. Laura often hears ghostly noises in the house and believes they are ghouls coming to haunt them at night. In the morning, she often finds pictures turned upside down and had not a clue how it happened. The only explanation this mother can give is ghosts.

Also, Sebastian’s behavior confirms Laura’s fears. The baby often stares into corners of rooms and waves at absolutely nothing. But the baby probably sees a ghostly spirit that is invisible to adult eyes.

“We see orbs all the time, and I have spotted on shadows in the background of photos in the past,” she says.

Laura wants to get to the bottom of the “ghost child” that sleeps in Sebastian’s crib. But if it is a good ghost and not looking to cause harm, she doesn’t mind its presence too much.