MSNBC: Guns Save Lives Program “Most Disgusting Thing to Witness”


MSNBC host Piers Morgan engaged in a heated debate with a pro-gun safety activist on Oct. 14. Morgan became so irritated with the guest that he declared gun safety was “one of the most disgusting things [he’s] ever had to witness.”


The guest, Alex Gottlieb, is the founder of Guns Save Lives Day, a gun safety organization that held an event around the anniversary of the Newtown, Ct., mass shooting to counteract liberal anti-gun control activists and their agenda.


Gottlieb explained the importance of gun safety in addition to Second Amendment rights. He elaborated that most anti-gun Americans are afraid of firearms because they don’t understand how to handle them properly.


Nevertheless, Morgan, who avidly opposes gun use, said the Guns Save Lives Day was “one of the most disgusting things [I’ve] ever had to witness.”


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He told Gottlieb that launching the Guns Save Lives Day on the Newton anniversary was shameful and smears the memory of those who died. Gottlieb asked the host why it was appropriate for liberals to politicize and polarize anti-gun issues, but “it’s not okay for anyone else.”


“Alright, I’ve had enough of you. We’re moving on,” Piers declared.


In true liberal fashion, when the tables are turned against them, they can’t handle he criticism.


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