National Chain Under Fire After Video Of Rats Running Over Food To Be Served Is Leaked

Updated October 12, 2017

If you live in Philadelphia, and you ever intend to eat at a local restaurant again, you might want to skip this article for now. If you’re still here, get ready to be grossed out.

An investigation carried out by Inside Edition revealed a community of rats scattered about several restaurants in Philadelphia.

Watching the video is difficult, and disgusting, with a strange hint of adorable as well. The city of brotherly love is infested by rodents, and they love dining out.

The footage shows the rats darting in and out of doorways, scurrying at blinding speeds across the floor, clearly looking for a delicious midnight snack.

A midnight snack for them is probably the lunch or breakfast you’ve enjoyed earlier that day, by the way.

Night after night, the investigators spent time scoping out restaurants, waiting to catch the rats at work. They didn’t have to wait long, as masses of rats couldn’t help but make themselves visible.

Shake Shack regulars, this one might hit a little close to home. Despite its well-known deliciousness, and judging by this sample, the sizeable franchise is home to a legion of hungry rats.

Several nights in a row, the Inside Edition investigators noticed rats making a festival of the restaurant, sliding to and fro across the floor, making a dash for the kitchen door before they could get caught.

Not that the investigators were trying to catch them, of course. They were simply there to acquire the footage and spread the message.

They did this successfully – thankfully? It’s hard to judge whether an exposure like this feels good to ingest. You decide, but maybe don’t watch the video while you’re chomping down on a Shake Shack burger.

To their credit, the franchise did respond to the results of the investigation, saying that the incident is unacceptable and that it will be taken care of immediately. That’s nice and all, but it doesn’t make eating that burger any easier, does it?

A local tourist hot spot, Jim’s Steaks on South Street, also seems to be a haven for dirty rodents. Inside Edition’s cameras monitored the restaurant at night and captured rats having a ball during closed hours, climbing onto and down from kitchen counters, with one shown making away with a piece of bread.

As it happened, Ken Silver, owner of Jim’s Steaks, pulled up into the restaurant at 3am while the crew was filming. When told that at least three rodents were captured frolicking about in his kitchen, he denied having a giant rodent problem. However, he quickly change his tune, later issuing a statement that read: “Inside Edition’s investigative team has provided valuable information, prompting us to evaluate and augment our health and safety efforts.”

Again, see how that sentiment feels while enjoying one of their cheesesteaks.

The investigation exposed several restaurants in the city. Although this illumination provides an uncomfortable truth, it’s definitely necessary in order to inspire restaurant owners into action. Because, really, there should not be any rats allowed to dwell in restaurants at nighttime.

As a silver lining, Pat’s King of Steaks was not mentioned in the investigative report.