Newborn Baby Caught Having Hilarious Dream On Video Is Sending The Internet Into A Frenzy

Updated November 14, 2017

There isn’t anything much cuter than a sleeping baby. When a baby is in a deep slumber it’s as if the world is completely peaceful.

But something that might be a tad cuter than a sleeping baby is a sleeping baby that is giggling. That’s exactly what a six-month-old from Zhengzhou City in China’s Henan Province was caught doing while he slept in his father’s arms. The video starts out with the baby sleeping peacefully and then his lips part slightly and he breaks out into an infectious life, and the entire time his eyes remain closed. After he gets it all out of his system, his laughter comes to a close and he goes back to doing normal baby things…like sleeping in his father’s arms.

First of all, it’s unbearably cute to see a baby laughing in the first place, let alone seeing one laugh as he is still sleeping.

While this is cute and all, we can’t help but wonder about what this babe is finding so hilarious as he sleeps. Is he dreaming about his stuffed animals in action or is he picturing one of the many faces he probably sees on a daily basis? Maybe he is laughing at that crazy aunt who makes the silly faces at him every time she sees him. Or maybe the babe was simply exercising his laughing muscles.

According to research, newborns spend half their sleep time in REM (Rapid Eye Movement), which is accompanied by twitching bodies, jerking eyeballs, and a characteristic saw-toothed pattern that can be seen on brain scans. Adults, on the other hand only spend one-quarter of their sleeping time in REM and the rest of that time is spent in a dreamless state. But, this still doesn’t mean that babies dream, considering they have limited images in their memory to dream with. They’d basically be spending their full eight hours of sleep dreaming of the images they’ve memorized, like their parents’ faces and the few toys they have.

Neuroscientists believe that dreaming is a cognitive process that starts in early childhood after these youngsters have mastered the capacity to imagine things both visually and spatially. According to research, four and five-year-olds describe dreams as being static and plain with characters that lack movement or actions. Around the age of 7 or 8, children start to develop a more vivid understanding of their own identity. This self-awareness comes into play when it comes to dreaming and the amount of self-knowledge that a child possesses allows the child to understand that they would be the same person even if their name changed. This, in turn, makes for a more vast plot structure in a child’s dreams.

In any event, it’s pretty safe to say that the video of the sleeping, giggly baby is something that is sure to brighten anyone’s day. We are lucky that his parents captured the sweet moment on film and shared it with the world. The video is making its way around social media, cheering people up along the way.