News Anchor Somehow Keeps Composure During Embarrassing Live TV Blooper (video)

Updated November 22, 2017

Technology is great for so many reasons. Not only does it allow us to stay connected to old friends and loved ones, but it allows us to stay updated on current events. It’s also used in a variety of other ways including live streaming, music, movies and recording voices. But, every now and then technology is used in a way that interferes and causes some embarrassment. Imagine giving a professional powerpoint presentation and accidentally clicking on the wrong icon only to reveal a racy picture of yourself in front of your boss and colleague. Believe it or not, this type of thing happens every day.

The latest of these blunders occurred when Emma Vardy was giving a live bulletin for the morning show on the BBC. Right in the midst of Erin’s broadcast, sex noises could be heard rather loudly. The correspondent, who normally covers political issues was taken aback when she heard the background noises while trying to update viewers on the latest Brexit talk.

But, Emma was threatened by the background sounds, and instead of stumbling on her words, she pushed through and kept a straight face and maintained graceful posture.

It’s obvious that this journalist is a professional and she takes her job seriously.

The viewers, on the other hand, didn’t hold back from sharing their thoughts on the salacious sounds.

“Erm the background noise during that last interview at the Houses of Parliament!What the heck BBC!”

“Someone kept playing one of those videos that have sex noises on BBC breakfast while a reporter was doing a piece on camera, good job keeping a straight face.”

It didn’t take viewers long to spread the word on social media, but they were sure to give Emma props for keeping it together during such a challenging feat.

While Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty remained calm from the red couch in the studio, the show’s communication guru seemed fine with taking on the task of responding to the awkward audience queries.

Following Emma’s broadcast, you can see her tearing out her earpiece while motioning in the direction of the pranksters who were sitting in a van across the street.

It’s obvious that these guys had planned out the prank, but they didn’t do the best job at covering their tracks, considering they could easily be seen in their van across the street.

This incident will certainly make Emma’s future reporting gigs pretty easy, seeing as she managed to maintain her composure during such an awkward moment. Surely she’s never experienced anything like this before.

There is speculation that the source of the prank is Trollstation, which is a YouTube channel consisting of, as well as collaborating with, numerous British pranksters who perform pranks and social experiments, more recently focusing on the latter. The pranks carried out by members of Trollstation are filmed secretly often without the permission of those involved; however, they notify the victim of the prank following the event. Some of their pranks have led to criminal convictions of some members of the group.