Obama Admits Why He’s Not Signing GOP’s Funding Bills


In a Oct. 8 news conference, Pres. Obama charged that Republicans don’t get anything done unless they feel “political heat.”


The president was unusually blunt in the rare conference where he actually answered reporters without the help of cue cards.


CBS reporter Mark Knoller asked Obama why he hasn’t “gone along” with any House bills to fund parts of the government that have been shut down since Oct. 1 including, veterans benefits and Head Start—programs the White House avidly supports.


Obama said that although he was ‘tempted” to support the bills, he’d “like to think you could solve at least some of the problems if you couldn’t solve all of it.”


However, the president added that he wouldn’t support the bills because Republicans only put a bill forward when they are “feeling political pressure.”


“If we do some sort of shotgun approach like that, then you’ll have some programs that are highly visible get funded and re-opened, like national monuments, but things that don’t get a lot of attention, like those SBA loans not being funded,” the president said.


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Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) was not amused by Obama’s comments and uploaded the clip to YouTube. He titled it, “Obama: Pain of Shutdown Needed for Political Pressure and News Stories.”


Do you think Obama is refusing to negotiate on the shutdown to score political points? Watch the video and leave your comments.