Obama Responsible for Food Stamp Cut- Gave Fund’s to Michelle’s ‘Let’s Move!’


Remember all those cuts to food stamps that were blamed on Republicans?


Well, now food banks are learning that wasn’t exactly the case, as Obama diverted funds from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to fund his wife’s pet project, Let’s Move!


Under the Obama administration, nearly 48 million, or one in six Americans receive food stamps. The $5 billion cut to SNAP was necessary after Obama’s 2009 stimulus fund ran out. Obama also moved funds from SNAP to Let’s Move, which the first lady established to create a healthy, “hunger-free” America.


New York’s Food Bank President and CEO Margarette Purvis expressed her fury with the federal government’s decision. “We were told, you know, by the president . . . these cuts will not happen,” she said. “Well, guess what. No one has restored that money.”


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In 2010, the president admitted to taking Department of Agriculture funds for SNAP and feeding them to Let’s Move.


“Some of the funding [for Michelle’s healthy lunch program] comes from rolling back temporary increases in food-stamp benefits,” he said, explaining the cuts would start in the fall of 2013.


“I’m committed to working with [Congress] to restore these funds in the future,” Obama said.


Well, clearly Pres. Obama never restored them and Republicans are once again taking the blame for it.


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