Obamacare Website Creator Proves a History of Incompetence

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Apparently, Department of Health and Human Services’ Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was incompetent long before she joined the Obama administration.


From 2003 to 2009, Sebelius served as the governor of Kansas, overseeing numerous government website projects that turned out disastrously. One such project included the Department of Labor’s failure in updating technology for unemployment payments.


The Labor Department’s computer overhaul was a “notable boondoggle” according to a former Kansas state senator and former state Labor Secretary Karin Brownlee.


“For years, we watched as the Department of Labor under Sebelius worked on that computer program. After seven years and $50 million, something should work,” Brownlee said.


Brownlee explained that in 2011, she was ordered to clean up Sebelius’ mess that was still ongoing years after she’d gone to Washington. At that time, the Labor Department was spending over $1 million per month on private contractors to help with the website. “We had to shut that down. That wasn’t workable,” Brownlee said.


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Now, Sebelius is committing the Obamacare website to the same incompetent problems.


Do you think Sec. Sebelius should be fired?

Written by: Robert Winthrop

Robert grew up in a conservative household in a liberal state. While attending graduate school at one of the most liberal colleges in America, he gained a unique insight into the liberal agenda and all of its fallacies. Robert is now determined to expose liberalism for the cancer that it is.

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