Photographer Captures Photo Of One Of Country’s Most Elusive Owls, Are You Able To Spot It?

Updated November 12, 2017

After staking out the United Kingdom’s smallest owl for six hours, the wildlife photographer, Andrew Fusek Peters, finally got a good shot. Because his focus didn’t waver, Peters managed to get photos of the tiny owl on two separate occasions. He found it in the wild in south Shropshire. He was on a secret farm and has not given away his exact location despite his images going viral. He must want to keep the location private so he can get more images of Britain’s tiniest owl.

Take a close look at Peters’s images. Can you see the tiny owl? It grows just to 21-23 centimeters or 8.5 inches. It sure is a tiny bird. Take a close look and then share your findings in the comments!

Peters may be 52-years old but he was willing to do whatever it took to capture an image of the tiny owl. Because the little owl is very hard to find, he was willing to wait for six hours in complete discomfort just to get the perfect shot. And while waiting at the secret location, his hard work paid off. He got the image of the tiny owl and shared it with the world online.

Although Peters filmed the owl, it is still very hard to find in the images. Besides being tiny, the birds’ population is on the decline. From 1995 to 2008, its total population dropped by 24 percent.

With his eyes peeled for the tiny owl, he finally spotted it among the rusty old barn. Its colors are blending in with the rusty part of the barn. It was staring right at him as if it knew that Peters was filming it in that exact moment.

The farmer who owns the land contacted Peters and invited him on the property to try to film the tiny owl. The man knew they were nesting in his barn, but despite living there for years had never seen them in person.

Peters, who is a father of two, was waiting for his chance to get some glory and film the elusive birds.

I was waiting for a long while to find one as they are notoriously hard to spot however the farmer had told me there were owls around there. They live up to their name – they are little owls. So they are hard to spot at the best of times, but this one had craftily sat on the top of an old farm building where its colours blended right in.

It took a couple of visits and a lot of patience but it was well worth it to get the pictures of it. I was over the moon. And to get the bird looking right at me was incredible. It shows just how alert they are – he was probably watching me for ages and no doubt knew the moment I spotted him but let me have my picture.

If you think you saw the owl, watch the video below to see if you were right!