PHOTOS: She Soaked Dirty Pennies In Coke. But It’s What She Does Next That Has Me Freaking Out, WOW!



When you see a penny on the ground do you keep walking or stop and pick it up? If you keep walking, you might decide to change your mind after seeing how this woman transformed her kitchen with pennies.

Loose change usually seems to collect in jars and tins in the corners of our desks. And now you’ll have a cool idea of what you can do with your extra change instead of just exchanging it for bills.

Tired of her kitchen’s backsplash, this DIY crafty mom was struck with inspiration. She decided to utilize the old change she has lying around her home and make something creative from it. (We’ve seen other people decorate their tables with pennies and the results are great).

And the best part of her project is that it is so cheap! It literally only cost a few dollars.

With some detailed hard-work and a bowl of pennies, this mom was able to transform her kitchen and make it shine like new.

Before putting the coins on her wall, she soaked them in CLR for 20 minutes and put the dirtiest ones in a bowl of Coca-Cola for further deep cleaning.

After rinsing off the coins and drying them, she planned out her project on paper. Once she figured out the pattern she wanted, she started to glue them to her kitchen wall with a heatproof and waterproof silicon adhesive.

She also glued a frame of glass copper tiles around the pennies to enhance the design and contain it.

It took her about 5 hours of work gluing the pennies and tiles in place but after 24 hours, the backsplash was dried and cured.

She then used WD-40 to remove the extra glue and then applied charcoal non-sanded grout to enhance the backsplash even more.

After just a few hours of work and a few days of letting things settle and dry, she has completely revitalized her kitchen with her penny work.






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