PHOTOS: When He Told Me What He Wanted To Do With This Old Silo, I Thought He Was Crazy. But I Was Wrong



Did you know that the Garfield Historical District in downtown Phoenix, Arizona has some bungalows dating back to the 1880s? That’s right. Many people move to the area for its historic charm and Western feel.

But many people are not impressed by the more modern buildings like the silos that liter the landscape.

So when Christoph Kaiser bought a silo from a farmer, people wonder why. But he was able to transform this piece of Arizona’s agricultural past into a modern home that will blow you away.

Check out the photos below.

The 1955 corrugated steel silo had no windows and had only 340 square feet to work with. And because of its cylindrical shape, Kaiser faced some serious challenges when designing his new two-story home.

But what Kaiser did with the space transformed it from an ugly old silo into a modern home with an open layout that blends the warm Phoenix landscape with indoor living.

Artistic contrast is evident by the walnut interior compared to the steel exterior. Gorgeous spiral staircases connect the unique spaces of the home.

The lofted bedroom allows in more natural light that I ever expected with a second-story window. But the magic happens when Kaiser opens the retractable skylight installed into the oculus that allows even more sun or a view of the beautifully starry sky into the bedroom space.

Having the curved wall makes for interesting storage space as well as a modern feel.

The white vintage tiled bathroom is sleek and contemporary.

With a garden steps away from the home, outdoor and indoor living are blended with the huge retractable windows.

This creative use of space is perfect for two people. Kaiser loves the results. What do you think?







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