Rescuers Show Up To Find 17-Foot Python Stuffed With Huge Bulge, Record What It Spits Up

Updated November 28, 2017

Huh. Here’s something you don’t see every day… a huge snake threw up an impossibly huge lizard.

Rescue workers were called to take care of a 17-foot python found under a patio in a woman’s garden in Thailand.

The animal workers captured the dramatic situation on video and honestly, if they didn’t have proof that the python vomited a massive monitor lizard, who would believe it? They removed the snake after smashing the concrete and dragging it into their pickup truck with plans to release it into the wild.

Somewhere along the way, the python began regurgitating a giant monitor lizard, until the 5-foot long lizard was completely vomited up, lying lifeless beside the snake.

The home’s resident, Uraiwan Konhasuk, told The Sun: “I was drying my clothes at the back of the house and found a large snake that had crawled under a gap in the concrete. I was shocked at the size of it and ran inside to call the rescue staff.”

Konhasuk continued: “The backyard is a wilderness and has a lot of wildlife but I would never have believed that a snake could eat a lizard that big. When I think about it, it gives me nightmares. It was disgusting. I hope that the snake won’t come back.”

The animal rescue staff, including Khun Manop Chanarit, who filmed the situation, were able to later release the snake into the wild. They noted that it took about an hour to remove the snake from the patio area. Chanarit explained: “Rescuers had to smash the concrete and use pliers to cut the metal. The snake was very aggressive. We knew it had eaten something but didn’t know what. Everyone was surprised. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I was filming it.”

He continued: “The monitor lizard was bigger than a meter. The snake was about five meters long. The snake was taken back to the forest but unfortunately, the lizard did not survive.”

Many people weighed in with comments on the New York Post’s Facebook post about the snake story, with a fair share of horrified responses, including: “When they’re that big they also eat humans!” and “haven’t seen anything more gross than this.”

Another commenter thought perhaps this video was a hoax, writing: “This is fake, that snake could not have possibly fit in that little hole with that lizard inside of it. Also look at how thin the snake is when they carry it and put it on the floor.”

Another person responded: “Actually it’s not, snakes can eat big animals, like this lizard, or an alligator; they dislocate their jaws to even get it in their mouth, and their skin expands.”

Another commenter noted: “I dabble in biology, so this kind of stuff is interesting to me. When a snake eats a really large meal, like this python consuming a gigantic monitor lizard, it goes into what I can only describe as a food coma. They lie still for several days, perhaps even a week or so… Just digesting. When they’re disturbed while in their food coma, they’ll often puke it up. It’s a natural reaction of the animal’s body so that it has the ability to throw up its meal and make a quick getaway.”