Restaurant Owner Posts Sign In Window, Causes Outrage From Parents; Refuses To Take It Down

Updated October 31, 2017

It’s not a new concept that some restaurants don’t allow children, but one Tampa area pizza place who implemented the no kids policy is coming under fire for their decision.

The owner of the Hampton Station restaurant, Troy Taylor, told WKRG that he didn’t think the decision would be that well received, noting, “I definitely think that sales are gonna take a dip.”

One local mom agreed in part that “kids can be a ruckus sometimes,” but didn’t believe a ban was in order. She added, “if you’re trying to market in our community, I wouldn’t necessarily ban kids. I would possibly talk to the parents of them.”

The Tampa Bay Moms Group posted the details of the restaurant’s child ban on Facebook, writing: “There is a local place called Hampton Station in Seminole Heights has a No Children sign on their door and some parents are not too happy about it. I was curious as to what sort of people would ban kids from a place so I checked it out. Turns out when you check them out you will see they describe themselves as ‘Beer Garden specializing in the best German & American Craft Brews.’”

The post continued: “To put it simple… It’s a bar. It does seem they serve pizza and some bar style dishes but really… It’s a bar with food. The focus here seems to be clearly on the alcohol (which is where most eateries make their money anyway). But some parents are upset that a place near family neighborhoods, a place they say they’ve been before with their family to eat, is no longer admitting minors.”

The poster notes: “I checked their social media and websites and it looks like a super cool and chill adult hang out. And parents or not, everyone deserves a little kid free time and really, like it or not businesses can make these changes. If this place was once a family dining place it seems to now be catering to a more mature crowd. While it seems some may say this isn’t fair or is some sort of discrimination or are simply upset about the change to the demographic they are looking to bring in… I’m thinking I’d like to have a date night or mom’s night out here. Am I the odd mom out?”

This mom further adds: “Not only am I totally fine with them not allowing children but I honestly find it very responsible of them to not allow them to a place that’s primary function it to serve beer. But this seems to be a hot topic so what are your thoughts? What do you think about Adult Only Venues? What about if they were family friendly and then changed policy?”

One person responded that they were okay with this decision, writing: “Their business, their choice. If I want to eat with my kids, I’ll go someplace else. If I want to avoid all kids, I love knowing there is a place for that too.”

The mom’s group did further post an explanation for the decision from the restaurant owner, who said: ““We had an incident last week where some kids were endangering themselves and other patrons. From a liability standpoint we just can’t afford to have that. So after a long discussion and plenty of thought on the issue, we decided this was our best course of action. It’s a hard decision and I’m sure it’s going to hurt our business, but I just couldn’t live with the fact that a child might get hurt at Hampton…. We had a lot of great kids come in to Hampton and we are going to miss them, but this had to be done for everyone’s well being.”