Rev. Billy Graham: “The End Is Near” for Immoral Americans



Rev. Billy Graham is warning that the second coming of Christ is “near” due to American being drenched in a “sea of immortality.”


Graham told reporters that Pres. Obama’s motto of “hope and change” was a cliché to adopted to seize power and destroy civil and religious liberties in America.


Graham, 94, recently published what he believes will be his last book, “The Reason for My Hope: Salvation.” He hopes his final effort will help restore traditional American principles. “Our early fathers led our nation according to Biblical principles,” Graham noted, but “our country is turning away from what has made it so great.”


Graham emphasized the danger in “the government knowing our every move that [it] could lead to losing our freedom to worship God publicly.”


The beloved man of God made Gallup’s top 10 list of Most Admired Men this year, marking the 56th consecutive time he’s topped the list—more than any other man in history. His passion for protecting religious principles and spreading the word of God will leave a lasting legacy.


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As for the legacy of America? “I believe all of these signs…[point] towards the return of the Lord,” Graham declared.


Graham plans to launch a video series called “My Hope America” as his last Gospel outreach.


Do you agree with Graham? Is the end near?