Rich Guy Who Buys Tank And Parks It On Street, Writes Vile Note To Cop Who Gives Him Ticket

Updated December 4, 2017

Houston trial lawyer Tony Buzbee has been known for many high-profile cases. He was announced as Governor Rick Perry’s lead counsel. But just because he has a lot of success in his career, doesn’t mean that everything is going so well at home. But in this case, his home issues have nothing to do with the people he lives with. Instead, Buzbee is having a battle with the Home Owner’s Association that doesn’t appreciate his patriotism. And they have kept escalating their concern to the police. And the police have sided with the HOA because they don’t like having Buzbee’s World War II in the neighborhood either.

But Buzbee is not planning to give up the tank without a fight. And because he is a lawyer, he has decided to use it to his advantage as he has for his clients many times throughout the course of his career.

Buzbee shelled out $600,000 for his working World War II tank. Instead of buying it from an America, he went overseas to get it from an English seller.

“Took a year to get here, but now it’s on River Oaks Boulevard,” Buzbee told KHOU Houston‏. “This particular tank landed at Normandy. It liberated Paris, and ultimately went all the way to Berlin. There’s a lot of history here.”

Buzbee is proud to own a tank that helped defeat Hitler and the Nazis.

Although the high-profile lawyer’s HOA loves his patriotism, they’re not a fan of how he just parked the murder machine on the street. It “impedes traffic” and is a “safety issue” since it is a working WWII tank. If a terrorist or hooligan gets behind the gun, it becomes a “serious concerns for neighbors.”

Because cops keep ticketing his war machine, Buzbee wrote a long, snarky note the law enforcement officer.

The long, snarky letter began:

“Dear Officer Jones and the others whoa re coming out to put a parking ticket on this tank each two days. If you are going to be in law enforcement, I suggest, respectfully that you read the city codes. The definition of a ‘large vehicle’ as set forth in the Houston Municipal Code is set forth below. Do you want to take a wild guess whether this tank qualifies as a ‘large vehicle’ under the definition in the Code?”

As you can probably ascertain from the high-profile lawyer’s tone, the tank does not qualify as a large vehicle in Houston. Therefore, he has beaten the law enforcement officers at their own game.

After rubbing their nose in the Code, Buzbee added:

“This tank landed in Normandy, it ain’t hurting anyone, and you are wasting your damn time putting a silly piece of paper on it, especially one that has no legal merit. Please go fight crime or the other things that taxpayers pay you to do. I support you wholeheartedly, even when you are being ignorant.”

In the end, Buzbee decided to move the tank so he could use it to go hunting on his ranch.

Do you think he should be allowed to keep his Sherman tank on the street?